Buckley Windmill

The windmill at the Buckley Lake has been restored and was assembled and erected at the Buckley Lake yesterday, June 3, 2019. The idea to restore the windmill at Buckley Lake began about two years ago. The Dippel family had noticed all of the work that had been done at the lake to make it look better than it had in years. However, the windmill had deteriorated badly. Les Dippel recalled how, as a child he would go with his grandmother to the windmill to gather water for making her dill pickles. He thought restoring the windmill would be a fitting project for the Buckley Sportsmans Club. Restoring the well and the windmill would allow fresh water to be pumped into the lake and would improve the water conditions for stocking the lake with fish.


Mr. Dippel presented the idea to the Club and the project took off from there. The Village of Buckley approved the work on the well, and fundraising took place through the Sportsmans Club, and through donations from individuals and other organizations in Buckley, including the Lion's Club. Approximately $5200 was raised for this project through fish fries hosted by the Sportsmans Club and donations received from the community. Volunteer labor and finish work was provided by a variety of people throughout the community to lower, refurbish, and raise the tower. Paul Behrends, from Paul's Windmill and Crane Service, built the new fan blades and did the installation work.


This project truly was a community effort. The transformation from the before pictures to now is amazing and should be a pleasant sight for anyone who visits Buckley Lake. The windmill was dedicated after the Buckley Fourth of July Parade.

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